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Berry Bomb, by VGOD Mixologists, is an outstanding sour strawberry belt flavor. It is an invigorating fruity strawberry on the start of the pull that becomes a pleasant mouthwatering tangy sour kick toward the back of the throat. On the exhale you get an explosion of candied strawberry flavor that has been perfected to not be overly sweet. Berry Bomb is a harmoniously well-rounded e-juice that captures the complexities of fresh and candied strawberry tartiness for all the strawberry lovers.


Apple Bomb is an incredible rendition of a sour apple belt flavor. It is a refreshingly classic juicy Granny Apple on the inhale that becomes sour and tart in the middle ground. The exhale delivers a succulent sugar coated apple sweetness that is cooling and energizing. Apple Bomb is incredibly smooth, extremely tasty yet not overly sweet and perfect for customers who love sour Granny Apples.


Pink Cakes by VGOD is a deliciously Fluffy, Fresh out of the oven, Pink Paradise Cake smothered in Rich buttercream Frosting, creating a mouth watering all-day Vape! Enjoy a Bottle of Pink Cakes by VGOD E-Liquid!


Coco by VGOD is a delicious blend of Creamy Coconut combined with a Freshly Baked Cake and a hint of Smooth Cigar. A sweet and delicious Dessert with a vibrant Cigar exhale that will serve as an amazing all day vape! Enjoy a bottle of Coco by VGOD!


Cubano by VGOD is a new addition to the Infamous and Reputable VGOD E-Juice Line! Cubano is a Smooth Cuban Cigar with a drizzle of Creamy Vanilla, providing a Fresh and Rich Cuban Tobacco Flavor! Enjoy a Bottle of Cubano by VGOD!


Luscious by VGOD is a delicious burst of fresh watermelon on the inhale with sweet undertones of mixed melons on the exhale, providing a bursting fruity all-day vaping experience


LushIce is a Delicious Burst of Fresh Watermelon on the Inhale with sweet undertones of Mixed Melons and smooth Menthol on the Exhale, providing a Smooth and Fruity All-Day Vaping Experience!


Strawberries dipped in sweet whipped cream. If you love strawberries you will absolutely fall in love with this liquid. Several different types of strawberries come together to give this liquid its signature flavor. From slightly tart woodland strawberries to big juicy field berries, it’s all here! These berries are expertly blended on top of a signature base to bring all of the flavors together. This liquid is truly exceptional and if you love strawberries this is the one for you.