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Watermelon Punch : Few things hit the spot like a piece of super-sweet watermelon candy, except when you add the refreshing sugary rush of fruit punch into the mix. Watermelon Punch e-liquid couples two of your favorite candy fruit flavors into one intensely delicious vape flavor. The refreshingly fruity taste of watermelon candy quenches your tastebuds on the inhale. The exhale ups the ante with the pure flavor of red fruit punch to make Watermelon Punch a vape juice that you’ll have a hard time putting down. Like the other vape liquids from Juice Roll-Upz, Watermelon Punch is a max-VG juice made with 70% VG and 30% VG, so it will give you wicked clouds to show off to your friends. The sweet smell of watermelon tinged with splashes of fruit punch will linger in the air long after you’ve exhaled and you’ll keep coming back for more.

Blue Raspberry : If you’re the person who opens up a bag of candy and snags all the blue raspberry sweets before anyone else can get to them, you’ll be smitten with Blue Raspberry E-Liquid, one of the fun fruit flavors crafted by Los Angeles-based Juice Roll-Upz. When you inhale this vape juice, you get the the full taste of tart, lip-smackingly sweet blue raspberry candy. The flavor lightens up ever-so-slightly when you exhale, but the lingering aftertaste of blue razz will hang on your tongue so strongly you might even think it’s dyed blue. Roll Upz Blue Raspberry is a max-VG e-liquid (it’s made with 80% VG and 20%PG) that kicks up some thick, fragrant clouds that will have your friends wanting to vape whatever it is you’re vaping. Vapers who are looking for an extreme blue raspberry flavor and powerful clouds should look no further than Blue Raspberry E-Juice from Juice Roll-Upz.

Strawberry : his is not your average strawberry e-liquid. In fact, there’s nothing average about Juice Roll Upz Strawberry Vape Juice. Imagine eating a piece of strawberry candy while vaping a strawberry e-juice, eating actual strawberries and washing it all down with strawberry soda. That’s the mega-sweet strawberry experience you get from Roll Upz Strawberry E-Liquid. If you’re easily smitten by strawberry candies of any sort, this is a vape liquid you need to get your hands on. The sugary sweetness stays solid from inhale to exhale and the aftertaste will keep you reaching for your mod to take another vape. Made with 80% VG and 20% PG, Strawberry E-Juice is a max-VG vape flavor that produces large and lingering clouds that take as long to dissipate as the strong strawberry taste does. Whether you’re crazy about strawberry candy or you’re a die-hard fan of the freshly picked fruit, you’ll get what you want from Strawberry vape juice by Juice Roll Upz.

Grape : Tastes just like those rolls of fruity gummy candies that we couldn’t get enough of when we were younger. Using exceptionally high-quality ingredients, each inhale of Grape delivers juicy grape flavor mixed with notes of yummy candy that will make your sweet tooth jump for joy. Vape enthusiasts who still dream of their favorite sugary and fruity candies from childhood are now in for a special treat. With Juice Roll Upz release of their newest flavor, Grape, this flavor is absolutely bursting with sweet grape-flavored goodness. When you inhale Grape vape juice by Juice Roll Upz, the authentic flavor of juicy purple grapes will explode on your tongue. If you are a grape fanatic, which if you got this far you most likely are, Grape vape juice will give you precisely what you are looking for. On the exhale, sugary candy flavor will make you swear that you are chewing on a piece of grape-flavored gummy candy.

Watermelon Punch Ice : delivers a powerful watermelon sensation paired with fruit candy sweetness and an ice-cold menthol kick. Our Watermelon Punch Ice is carefully crafted to remind you of the candies, slushies, and fruit juice of your childhood. Are you looking for the classic Juice Roll Upz sweet candy flavor backed with great menthol exhale? Enjoy a magnificent e juice experience when you grab a bottle of our Watermelon Punch Ice.

Blue Raspberry Ice : combines the best flavors from your childhood days with the sensation of an icy, menthol kick. Our Blue Raspberry Ice tastes like the fruit up candies you devoured as a kid. Take a trip to the past with the icy fruit blast from Juice Roll Upz Blue Raspberry Ice.

Strawberry Iced : tastes just like the sweet strawberry candy fruit rollups you ate as a kid but with an added menthol kick. Try our Strawberry Iced if you have a sweet tooth that just isn’t satisfied without a potent punch of classic sweet candy flavors, or if you’re looking to vape something with the potent addition of menthol. Every bottle of Juice Roll Upz Strawberry Iced is like your favorite sweets frozen for an additional strong sensation.