How It Works



  • Electronic cigarette, commonly called e-cigarette and more e-cig is a device that allows to reproduce the act of smoking, both in gesture and / or production and inhalation smoke without toxic susbstances health of the traditional cigarette.

This is called vapoteur instead of smoking, which vapote instead of smoking.

  • The working principle of the given : Using a battery, an electrical pulse is transmitted to an atomizer which will begin to heat which will cause evaporation of the liquid (e-liquid) in the reservoir.

The electronic cigarette thus releases steam at a temperature of about 50 ° and gives the impression and the feel of the smoke produced by a conventional cigarette.

  • An electronic cigarette includes :
  1. Battery , rechargeable or not, more or less powerful your choice: it provides the energy.
  2. An atomizer is the resistance that will heat when the battery is running
  3. A tank : it contains the liquid you have chosen (flavored or not, with nicotine or not)

In some models, the tank and atomizer are combined into one single piece: the clearomizer (cartomizer). The operating principle is similar. Easier to use, it is also more economical.

  • After choosing your style ecig, you should fill the tank with e-liquid (e-juice) preferred.
  • You can then start vape, gently sucking and longer than a conventional cigarette, while keeping the button pressed battery. You feel the steam gradually invade your mouth. At the end of inhalation, release the button and let cool a few seconds before resuming...